A perch no longer fit for the Studio Prince!

The young prince,  Studio Pup,  has his nose out of joint these days.  For years he’s been able to lounge on the hand-me-down sofa in a corner of my studio, one of the few places that he can stare out the window and doze in the afternoon sun.

But my productivity and organizational system enhancements this year have ruined his royal lifestyle.  For months now I’ve chipped away at the “project” of enhancing certain aspects of my studio that I’d been tolerating, like the broken keyboard tray on my otherwise wonderful computer workstation.  And then came the loveseat.

It was the perfect size, and great quality.  The upholstery however was once nice . . . “back in the day.”  A trip to the local home decorating store,  a few weeks of patience, and more than a little cash and now I have a nearly new loveseat in a beautiful deep-eggplant color to complement the valances made by my dear friend Jan.

Fortunately the Studio Pup is well-behaved, and understands the words “no, not for dogs . . .” He is sure that I’ve lost my mind however, given that it really is the same loveseat in the same place that now he’s no longer welcome to use.  So this is why I’ll be spending the afternoon sewing a new dog bed rather than doing something artistic!

Submersion © MJ Russell 2012 13.5″x20″


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