Art Education

It’s been an art-full few days!

Saturday’s highlight was the Golden Acrylics demo by Kate Smith.  I’ve used acrylics for fabric surface design, but I wouldn’t consider myself a painter.  Yet I came away with a stash of open acrylics, assorted mediums, and a “how to” book.  Why am I not surprised that I’m planning to sign up for an acrylic painting class at the local craft school beginning in October?  I’m hoping this will be a great way to “prototype” quilt designs!

Kate Smith, Golden Acrylics educator at Artist’s Mediums 9/2010

Sunday featured “An Evening with Christo” at the Fleming Museum.  I’ve only seen the 1991 “Umbrellas” in California, but couldn’t miss this chance to see a retrospective slide show narrated by the artist himself, along with the museum exhibit.

Monday’s highlights included a book signing and Q&A with Art Biz Coach Alyson Stanfield.  Alyson was delightful, and it was a great event for meeting other local artists as well.  Alyson answered several questions for me that really helped me to reshape my view of blogs, Twitter and Facebook and she clarified some other misperceptions and concerns I had about art marketing.   I’ve recently taken two of Alyson’s online classes, so meeting her in person was a real treat.

Alyson Stanfield, MJ Russell, Kathleen Bergeron, Elissa Campbell

Lectures, demos, festivals, classes . . . what are some of your favorite ways to continue your art education?


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